I’m a mom of three boys who needed a creative outlet and I discovered and fell in love with wreath making.

I am a mom of 3 boys and I am married to my high school sweetheart. So you can guess it, I don’t have any girly time for myself.I needed a creative outlet and I came across a YouTube video of someone making a wreath and thought I could do that. So I made my first one for my front door in 2017. I thought it was gorgeous, but looking back it was not that great. Well after that first one, family and friends started to ask me to make them for their doors. I noticed it was exactly what I needed. It was my outlet I was searching for. I fell in love. I put my heart and soul into every piece I create. I’m like a proud momma when I send one of my beauties out the door. I never thought I’d ever get paid to what I love. And I never thought I’d find something I love that I can get paid for. It’s a true passion.

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